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  Wilsbach is my favorite! I love the staff and the food!
  •   Wilsbach is my favorite! I love the staff and the food!
  •   Monday's lunch was on point!
  •   John at the pasta station, you're awesome!! You make the best tasting pasta
  •   why is the nutritional information off of the website...?
      We are in the process of switching to a new website...sorry for the problems I will let the web page person know

  •   you guys are doing great!
      Why Thank you
  •   Is the oatmeal made with water or milk?"
      The Oatmeal is made with water

  •   The Mushroom Barley Soup today was great! Keep it coming :)
      Thank you I let the Chef Know you enjoyed it

  •   the girls at wilsbach are beautiful
      Why Thank you ever so much ;)
  •   no one is cooler than chef Lynn "
      *blushing* Why Thank you
  •   The chick peas, bell peppers, and tomatoes you had at the wild mushroom during lunch on Monday was delicious!
      Why thank you I woll Let Tony Know

    Chef Lynn
  •   wills > mills
  •   can you please offer more gluten free items made upon request? Its not right that we pay almost 2 grand for almost 1/10 the options everyone else has.
      Actually your % is a little off, if you are having trouble finding items to eat, please stop by to discuss
    Chef Lynn
  •   can you please stop putting soy sauce in the pre-prepared food at the vegan station? it would be nice to have some soy free/gluten free options."
      There are several items at the Wild mushroom that don't contain soy sauce...If you are having problems finding Gluten free foods, Please come talk to us
  •   Your water is delicious, its so crisp! Keep up the great work!
      Thanks, we try
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