Text to 82257 the following:
wilsbach [space] "Your comment"
  I love you"
  *blush* awwwwe thanks
  •   I love you"
      *blush* awwwwe thanks
  •   please stop putting the barbque sauce where the ketchup is supposed to be and I won't have to throw out any more burgers"
      Do you mean the where the dispenser is of what is in the dispenser?
  •   yo food is good
  •   This place is so awesome. I love the ice cream. Fatmir loves it too!"
  •   Is the bacon vegan?"
      If you mean at the Wild Mushroom... yes...otherwise no...
  •   Wilsbach is my favorite! I love the staff and the food!
  •   I don't have anything to say, I just wanted to see my words on the sexy flat screen
  •   Is the oatmeal made with water or milk?"
      The Oatmeal is made with water

  •   wills > mills
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