Text to 82257 the following:
wilsbach [space] "Your comment"
  I love getting late night brain
  We love serving you
  •   I love getting late night brain
      We love serving you
  •   Wils had the best burrito bar ever tonight, had me feeling like its Chipotle "
      Why Thank you
  •   That apple pie ice cream <3333
  •   People like me love to get munchies at the brain ;)"
  •   yayyy fooooood, love Athena Daretta
      Yeah go you
  •   what up wil?"
  •   bring back vegan chicken sticks!
      We have them out quite often, you can also order vegan Chicken Nuggets anytime at the grill
  •   this school is really awesome !!!!
  •   someone love me"
      *Hug* Wilsbach Loves you
  •   What was that white cheese with the brown rind served yesterday at the cheese table? So delicious."
      It was smoked Gouda, and I am glad you enjoyed it

    Chef Lynn
  •   the peanut butter cupcakes are bangin"
      I'll let the bakers know that you like them

    Chef Lynn
  •   The sushi is soo good, you guys should make it more often!!!
      We try to serve it often at the Wild Mushroom

    Chef Lynn
  •   Ed is love is life
  •   eggs man is about it
  •   I'm rushing brain
  •   when is the hot chocolate machine going to be fixed????
      a new machine is on order...so hopefully very soon
  •   Wilsbach makes me feel alive
  •   You're the reason America is a free country."
  •   hello earthlings
      Hello Do you come in Peace
  •   Shout out to Ed AKA the homie
  •   hey
      Hey..What's up
  •   please refill the minute maid machine so my hangover breakfasts can be complete. Thank ya
      I will the staff right on that

    Chef Lynn
  •   Can you put labels on the ice cream it's like a puzzle
      We have ordered new labels...so hopefully it won't be a mystery any more

  •   Chipotle is my life
  •   Harry says the hippie station is awesome!"
  •   The ice cream is hella dope
  •   look ma I'm on TV!"
  •   this is Emily and I like wilsbach"
      and This is Wilsbach and we like Emily
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