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  Bonnie should train everyone working at the wrap station. She is the wrap master! Everyone has something to learn from her.
  •   Bonnie should train everyone working at the wrap station. She is the wrap master! Everyone has something to learn from her.
  •   Salsa Rico grilled chicken is the best chicken in oneonta. They should have a station with grilled chicken."
  •   It would be really awesome if you guys put a smoothie station in MyKitchen!!!
  •   i wish the quesadilla makers would spread out my meat so i dont have to eat two slices of just wrap and cheese
      Ask them to make the way you would like it
  •   mykitchen should make mint chocolate chip cookies! They are to die for!
      I will see if we can. They are good!
  •   mykitchen should make mint chocolate chip cookies as an alternative. they would be amazing.
  •   [space] hi brian whelan here, is there any way you could cover up the mirrors, i always get so confused
  •   the Kansas City brisket was the best meal of the year. Plus, having that adorable, bearded, Chef serve me was the icing on the cake.
  •   Amazing service from the student workers....give these kids a raise!"
      Student employees get a raise every year.
  •   the Derrick burritos are the best. You should give him a huge raise
      Yes Derrick is a great burrito maker!
  •   The steak dinner at mykitchen on Wednesday night was great!
      So glad you enjoyed the dinner
  •   I love Derek's beard net! - ALEX FREDKIN #chicken
      Would you like to have one?
  •   Great Pasta today!!! Have to have it again!
      Yes, this is Italian week. So we have had many great pasta entrees!
  •   Thank you for all your hard work in making this dinning hall the best!!!
      We are here for you and so happy that Mills is your favorite!!
  •   moldy oranges should not be in with the rest of the oranges
      you are so right! Please notify us personally if this should ever happen again.
  •   the Mexican station should not run out of taco meat
      Sorry that happened. I have talked to the salsa Rico servers and this should not happen again.
  •   I didn't pay $8.64 to come eat in this fine establishment with no soft serve ice cream. Bah humbug.
      Soft ice cream will be back today!!!!
  •   your whole wheat rolls are stale, but the salad was great
      Let us personally know next time. If you get something you don't like we would like to know right away! And yes, the salads are great!
  •   a trash can upstairs would be nice
      PLease place all you trash in the dishroom window. Thanks.
  •   My whole lunch table agrees that Donna is awesome!
      Yes, Donna is doing a great job! She loves providing you with great food and some good conversation!
  •   we need more plantains aka bananas"
      Keep an eye on the menu. Plantains are on every four weeks!
  •   the coffee and cookies made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
      So happy that happened to you. Coffee and something sweet are always great on a crisp fall day!
  •   Joe is the best at Salsa. You should keep him around! :)
      Best at Salsa....you should see him cha cha
  •   I love Renee!! She rocks! :)
      You are right! Rennee is great!
  •   Chef Donna in mykitchen is the best!
      Everyone is the best! But Donna does a great job in My Kitchen and she loves taking great pride in the food she pepares and serves you!
  •   The blonde chick who makes my burritos keeps messing them up. Not ok Mills. Not ok.
      Please come in an talk with mangement so we can talk about the spacifics.
  •   theres never any milk when I want my froot loops :(
      We will pay more attention to the milk dispensor. If you don't have milk for your fruit loops please ask any employee and we will fill it right up for you.
  •   The quesadillas tonight were upsetting. Too much cheese not enough meat
      Simply ask for more meat. We are here to please you.
  •   Do you guys still make the spicy thai wings? Those were really good
      We sure do! Our menus run a four week cycle. So they will e on again. Check our web site for the weekly menus.
  •   can you get vegan chcken nuggets?
      We will have our chef look into vegan nuggets. you might want to check Wilsbach since they carry a large selection of vegan products.
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