Text to 82257 the following:
mills [space] "Your comment"
  Hello, How are you?
  •   hello
      Hello, How are you?
  •   coffee is good
      Glad you enjoyed the coffee!
  •   My whole lunch table agrees that Donna is awesome!
      Yes, Donna is doing a great job! She loves providing you with great food and some good conversation!
  •   the coffee and cookies made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
      So happy that happened to you. Coffee and something sweet are always great on a crisp fall day!
  •   Chef Donna in mykitchen is the best!
      Everyone is the best! But Donna does a great job in My Kitchen and she loves taking great pride in the food she pepares and serves you!
  •   The quesadillas tonight were upsetting. Too much cheese not enough meat
      Simply ask for more meat. We are here to please you.
  •   Do you guys still make the spicy thai wings? Those were really good
      We sure do! Our menus run a four week cycle. So they will e on again. Check our web site for the weekly menus.
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