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  popcorn chicken at the wrap station please!
  Sounds great! We have had Buffalo Chicken Wraps at Magellan's twice recently
  •   popcorn chicken at the wrap station please!
      Sounds great! We have had Buffalo Chicken Wraps at Magellan's twice recently
  •   corn bread more often please!
      Glad you like it. Did you get the cheddar corn bread the night of the mardi Gras dinner?
  •   I love lobster bisque. Can we have that?
      I do too! I will look into the availability of the ingredients
  •   Greek yogurt please!
      I will check with our suppliers
  •   Can we have gyros?!
  •   Can you put out the chocolate chips earlier, so I can have them as toppings with my waffles?
      Unfortunalty the waffle maker cannot have chocolate chips in the batter. It burns. You can ask someone for chips for a topping however
  •   Is there any way you could have some pineapple or peaches by O'Healthy in the morning instead of the melon all the time?
      Sure. We like to use fresh fruit instead of canned fruit. Sharon will be happy to give you some
  •   is the yogurt "light?" It's really hard to log foods without barcodes or information
      Yes, 240 calories 2.5 grams of fat
  •   Sharon's hummus is the best out of all the dining halls !
      Well thank you. I am sure she will be happy to hear that
  •   Guy makes the best stir fry is the best !!!! He is also so fun to talk to !!
      Thanks! Guy has been promoted to cook at Mills. Stop in and say hi to him
  •   Fran makes the best pizza ! She is also super friendly and fun! Love her !!!
      Thanks! She does a great job
  •   Sharon brightens my day !
      Ours too!
  •   please have veggie burgers out ? They are so good!
  •   I love the new breakfast egg whites with veggies that Fran makes !!!! Keep it up!
      Fran does an awesome job!
  •   please have the noodles at the salad bar everyday ! They are so good !
      Ok! You got it. Every day
  •   thank you for having absolutely no food to put in the "bag breakfasts" for the RAs that have to stay and close the buildings on Saturday morning!
      I an not sure what you mean. Stop in RA's are very important to us
  •   Why do all the Sodexo publications say to ask if we need something, but when I ask for bananas no one is willing to check?
      Please ask to see a manager if this happens again
  •   Can you get those flatbreads back that you used to use at Basic Kneads a whole back? They were awesome!
  •   can we please get chicken tenders?
      Sure, I will work it into the menu
  •   can we get buffalo chicken wrap?
      We had Buffalo chicken wrp 2 times this week. Were you able to have one?
  •   Sharon is the best thing about Hulbert !!! We love you Sharon !!!!!!!!!
      Thank you for saying this! She does a great job here
  •   I live for Sharon's salads!! They are the best!!!!!!
      She really does a great job! Great color, great taste and great presentation
  •   omggg who ever made that white rice and peas with chicken....god bless you!! Best food I ever had omg you just made my day
      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!
  •   make more casserettes! We want ravioli and tortellini!!!
      Ok! We will serve tortellini today
  •   can you make stuffed crust pizza please?! I'd love you forever!!!
      We will serve stuffed crust pizza on Super Bowl Sunday for our party
  •   thank you so much for adding onion bagels and for keeping up on the plain! usually they use them all on sandwiches and only blueberry are left bu
      You are welcome! Our campus bakery does a great job on these.
  •   The baked/marinated tofu at the salad bar was amazing and actually cooked properly. Please have it more!
      Thanks! We will have it all the time now
  •   Tanya is one of the most kind workers here at SUNY Oneonta! She always brightens my day! Happy Holidays!"
      She will be happy to see this. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you too
  •   i would really enjoy having more than one slice of meat on my sandwhich if you could please mention that to some of your sandwhich makers
      The portion is 3 slices. Thank you for your text. I will bring it to their attention.
  •   I'm a vegan and I have the hardest time eating here. Can we get more vegan options like soy yogurt or kale chips?
      Please check out our menu online. It shows all of the vegan options each day
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