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  what do you marinate your tofu in?
  We marinate it in soy sauce, garlic and ginger
  •   what do you marinate your tofu in?
      We marinate it in soy sauce, garlic and ginger
  •   These to go containers can fit, at best, one small piece of food without everything getting mangled/squished/uneatable
      Thanks for the comment. It is intended to fit 1 meal in it for a busy class schedule
  •   I would love more cereal options especially honey nut Cheerios
      We have to use Kellogs products in the Kellogs dispensers
  •   Taking away the fruit at 11:19am on the weekend. The dining hall opened 50 minutes ago...
      You are right...Is this happening? Please see a manager
  •   the broccoli salad with cranberries and apricot by o healthy was AMAZING!!! Please have more?
      Thanks Glad you enjoyed it
  •   it is unacceptable that many of your employees use their hands in the egg line, ohealthy, and salad station. Not only for vegans but it also pose
      I'm not sure what you mean. Please see a manager to explain
  •   Thank you for serving me peppers with pieces of plastic on them! I always struggle to meet my daily dietary plastic needs
      where? When? Did you address this for the safety of others? Did you bring it to anyones attention?
  •   It is SO awesome that you have pineapple and watermelon, but putting the same pair of tongs down for both means that I can't eat the watermelon b
      Good Point
  •   I am very offended that there is no Cuban flag hanging. please fix this
  •   Sir Wrapsalot (aka Rico) is the best! Great sandwiches and he's fun to chat with too!!
  •   the portabello sandwiches were amazing! You finally provided a vegetarian option.
      Thanks! Its Mindful! Please visit our webpage to see all of our vegetarian items
  •   Jenn is the master of wraps and sandwiches , no one even comes close to her skills !!
      Jenn Rocks!
  •   we love Kathy !!! She is awesome
      Yes she is! Thanks!
  •   this only happens with few employees but I am vegan and it irks me when some people have no idea what they are serving and cannot tell me the foo
      Please ask for a supervisor when this happens
  •   the seasoned green beans the other day was amazing! Can we Please have more cooked vegetables like that instead of plain steamed ones ?
      Thanks! LeMarr did a great job with these
  •   that tuna is absolutely gross looking. It looks like soup. Please go back to how it was it make it less watery. you should start using white tuna too
      Sorry. We have instructed the staff on how to squeeze all of the water out of the tuna
  •   I know we have soft serve, but can we get hard ice cream when it gets nice out?
      We would love to, however we don't have a freezer
  •   Erica should work at the omelet station forever!
      Erica is awesome!
  •   next time you out apples in pancakes, you need to label them. People are severely allergic to apples. :(
      Did you check the menu screens?
  •   The vegan who wrote in already knew what their options were, they were just asking for more! Salads get old quickly.
      Visit O'Healthy and Magellan's. Both stations can meet your needs most days
  •   Those garlic knots were awesome, keep them coming.
      Thanks! Francine and Brendan do a great job with these
  •   please have bananas out more often- it is the only type of fruit offered in the dining hall that I'm not allergic too.
  •   I personally think that 10:12 is much too early to put away the fruit and yogurt. No one in here is eating lunch yet.
      I agree. I will speak with our salad chef
  •   why are your scrambled eggs milky? Could you please also have hard boiled eggs?
  •   Why is it that when someone asks for chicken tenders, you will be sure to "work it into the menu", but when someone asks for more vegan options,
      Please see our menu on the webpage. It shows when we are offering these options
  •   I'm glad that the best chance of me finding fruit in your dining hall is for me to look down into my bowl of froot loops!...
      Please ask one of the line servers if you would like a bowl of fruit in the evening. We have it in the kitchen
  •   I promise you, my eggs will not stick if you use a normal 2 second spray in the pan.
      Please ask for a small amount of spray. Typically egg whites tend to stick. Thank you
  •   can you please have raisin bran or frosted mini wheats? I am so sick of corn flavored cereal!
  •   Your cross contamination at the egg station is ridiculous. Please work on that. Vegetarians don't want meat in their peppers and I think most peo
      Thank you for your comment. I will address this
  •   Those banana pancakes rule. I love it when you guys change things up. Keep them coming.
      Thanks! We like to change things up too!
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