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  Scalloped potatoes great tonight.
  •   Scalloped potatoes great tonight.
  •   please start posting your hours online again."
      All Campus Dining Service Hours are Posted at:
  •   The spicy rice and meat tonight was balla! And them chocolate cookies was tasty too!
  •   Meatloaf was okay..."
  •   thanks for bringing back the applesauce!"
  •   You guys should always play music!
  •   Whatever you did differently to the pizza, keep it up! It's awesome now!
  •   I'm so excited about the soy milk machine! Thanks Bob's!
  •   could there be grilled or cooked chicken instead of fried chicken for the salad bar? That would be a lot healthier."
  •   I love the hazelnut coffee. Keep up the fun flavored coffees! The biscotti was a fun surprise too!
  •   tropical chicken stir fry was delicious!"
  •   The puddings are always amazing, keep them going
  •   Friday's Southern fried chicken was the best dish of the week. Not quite as good as the way Mom used to make it, but it made me smile nonetheless.
  •   the Mac and cheese was amazing today keep up the good work
  •   I love the weekends @ bobs. NOT
  •   WHY IS EVERYTHING SPICY? For the love of god, stop it!
  •   Loved the Wrap!" =)
      Thank You
  •   i liked the mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  •   great
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  •   Bobs has TV!"
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