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wilsbach [space] "Your comment"
  Those nights when the brain is so good I come twice "
  •   Those nights when the brain is so good I come twice "
      We will talk with the staff to make sure they are changing up the signs

  •   Why did you get rid of the melted peanut butter at the sundae Wednesday station? We need it back!!!"
      We are having issues with the supplier, sorry about that
  •   wils is love wils is life
  •   No more chocolate chex?? What is the meaning of this?
      More will be coming soon...
  •   there are never hardcooked eggs anymore since you got cage free eggs"
      I will talk to the cooks about making more eggs

    Chef Lynn
  •   I had noodles today. one crunchy noodle, didn't like that. One soft noodle, didn't like that...but the rest were justttttt right!"
  •   that fudge that was in the deserts section that one time was magical and I wish it would come back!"
      tell us more about it ....we probably could get it again
  •   I feel some type of way when Chef Lynn tweets about mozzarella sticks
      *blushing* Thanks
  •   hi
      Hey What's Up
  •   ice cream is good even on a cold day!
      We are glad you enjoy it
  •   I got hot sauce all over my pikachu"
      Oh No...Not Pikachu
  •   can you please label your ice cream selections better? I'd really prefer not to accidentally get something I'm allergic to.
      We will address this with the staff. Thank you for letting us know

    Chef Lynn
  •   put grated Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes next to the pasta in brain at night please I'm beggin u"
      Absolutely, look for it soon

    Thanks Chef Lynn
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