Text to 82257 the following:
hulbert [space] "Your comment"
  - you should have almond milk
  Ok. I will order it.
  •   - you should have almond milk
      Ok. I will order it.
  •   no ice cream?? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE
      We are unhappy about it too. The company brought a "new" machine and this one doesnt work either. I am working on it trust me
  •   What ever happened to wing night? That was a glorious night in Hulbert Hall history. Bring back Wing Night!!"
      We will bring back wing night during finals week
  •   Can you please make General Tso's chicken more often? It's so good!
      Sure. I will put it on the menu finals week
  •   Hi why did you run out of bagels by 1:13pm... And English muffins?
      We expect that our bagels will be gone after breakfast. Unlike a bagel store we do not bake bagels throughout the day. We receive them at 6:30am.
  •   you guys should really have tofu everyday because it's one of the only vegetarian options for protein
      We usually have tofu at the salad toss station
    If you would like it in a stir fry, just ask
  •   lionel really knows how to get the job done"
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