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Anti-spam policy anti-spam policy's ANTI-SPAM policy does not tolerate UNSOLICITED MESSAGES, or ANY MESSAGES SENT TO YOU BY A PERSON WHO IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO HAVE YOUR NUMBER. In a case like this, your can either comment back or block your e-mail from ANY messages sent from To report any abuse, contact us with your Mobile Number, the time and date of message and if possible, send us the content of the message you wish to report. Contacting us for any abuse will prompt us to investigate the reported Client for any violations of our ANTI-SPAM Policy. All identities of any individuals, including the one of any reported persons will remain confidential.

Anti-spam Policy Enforcement

According to the Terms and Conditions that our Clients agree with, cannot be used for unsolicited massaging or spam. Our Clients provide us with information about how they have collected their list before they can submit it to the system. has the ability to track outgoing messages, their contents and information on the sender. You can OPT-OUT, REMOVE, UNSUBSCRIBE using the Unsubscribe page, or having your number removed by the Client. If you have requested your number to be Opted-Out from a Client's list, they cannot add your number back to their list since maintains an OPT-OUT list. If there is a violations of the ANTI-SPAM policy by a Client, we can give out a warning and if uncompelled, we will terminate any future services for that Client. sticks to ALL state and national rules and regulations regarding unsolicited text messaging and spam.


You can remove yourself from any of our client's list simply by typing any of the words "Opt-Out," "Remove" or "Unsubscribe" in the form's message field. You can report any messaging abuse by providing us with your mobile number, the message with time and date of receiving. We will remove your number from the abuser's list and he/she will not be allowed to add your number in their list again.
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We support all major US carriers
T-Mobile metroPCS AT&T Sms Api U.S. Cellular
Standard Text Message and Data Rates May Apply. For Help, text HELP to 82257.

To optout from MYDTXT.COM list, send STOP to 82257, contact us here, or reach us at 1-800-258-9115.
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